Membership Options:

In 2020, The Lake Club offers prospective members three options to join our Club family; select a membership type below to review key features. For more information about Club programs, facilities and membership options, please email

  • Regular Membership
    • In this traditional path to membership, an applicant is sponsored and seconded by two different members in good standing who have belonged to the Club for one full year. The applicant's sponsor forwards the completed application to the Admissions Chair and, when an opening is available, gathers and submits three additional supporting letters. Following Board review and solicitation of membership comments, applicants will be invited to meet the Board and admitted upon its approval.

      Regular Membership fees for 2020 include a non-refundable application fee, (later applied to the initiation fee), initiation fee, and annual dues.

  • Trial Membership
    • Our Trial Membership option is a great opportunity for families new to the area to try the Club without the full upfront financial commitment of the initiation fee. Trials are arranged through an abbreviated membership process, and may commence on the first of any month. Trial members may begin their Lake Club experience during the winter months with our exceptional paddle program, or kick it off with the spring's tennis and aquatics activities -- the choice is theirs. This option offers all Regular member privileges with the exceptions of voting on Club matters and participating in Club governance. 

      Trial fees for 2020 include a non-refundable application fee (applied to the initiation fee upon optional conversion to Regular) and annual dues equal to that of the Regular Membership plus 10%. No initiation fee is due in the trial year.

  • Associate Membership
    • A limited number of Associate Memberships are available in 2020 to applicants under the age of 40. The Associate application process is the same as that of Regular; however, Associates benefit from an initiation fee that is both delayed and reduced. Associates enjoy all Regular member privileges with the exceptions of voting on Club matters and participating in Club governance. 

      A prospective Associate will pay an application fee, an initiation installment (upon joining), and annual dues equal to that of a Regular Membership. Each subsequent year, an Associate will be charged dues at the Regular rate until the year the oldest family member turns 40. At that point, the Associate Membership will terminate and the family may convert to Regular by paying the initiation fee in place at the time, reduced by the following amounts: the Associate's original  application fee; initial installment; and, a $1,000 credit for each year the Associate paid annual dues prior to converting to Regular Membership.

  • Club History
    • On an afternoon in late 1956, 30 men gathered in Ralph and Anita Pereida’s Hickock Road playroom to discuss forming a recreational family club in the Thayer Lake area. Those present recognized that there was a real need in the community for a family pool and tennis club. New Canaan had no town beach access, the YMCA had yet to be built, and there were limited opportunities at local area country clubs for young families. Those present took up the daunting task of organizing the purchase of land and recruiting members. Each man contributed $15 to retain a lawyer.

      In March of 1958, the formation of the Lake Club and its membership drive were formally announced in the New Canaan Advertiser, with land selected skirting Thayer Lake. The property chosen was one of the few unspoiled wilderness sites remaining in Fairfield County. Just a few yards from the present tennis practice wall, hunters had built a duck blind in a tree, and there was a campsite near a tiny island in the lake.

      During the summer of 1958, the club was opened, although there were no man-made facilities, just the natural beauty of the woods and the lake. The only activities were ones that revolved around the lake such as pick-nicking, fishing, boating and skating. Those members acting as principals would be on hand every weekend during the summer of 1958, hosting several open houses for potential members to tour the property and discuss where the proposed facilities would be built. Hundreds of families came to look at the land that first summer. The goal was to recruit 300 member families.

      Through the hard work and dedication of our founding fathers, construction began in February, 1959. The Lake Club formally opened on July 18, 1959. In place were three tennis courts, the pool and bathhouse and a snack bar. After the article appeared in the New Canaan Advertiser, the club was swamped with applications.

      Construction continued over the next couple of years. The Fun Deck was added in 1960 to provide a permanent picnic area adjacent to the pool. Three additional tennis courts were added in 1961 along with the first two paddle courts. Recognizing the growing popularity of paddle tennis, the original Spectator Hut was constructed in 1965 along with 2 additional paddle courts. In 1974, four additional tennis courts were added. Except for the addition of our current Pro Shop in 1987, our club remained unchanged for many years. In 1994 courts 11 and 12 were added transforming the Lake Club into the largest tennis facility in the Fairfield County Interclub League. The original pool and bathhouse were replaced in 2000 and 2004 respectively. The Spectator House, built in 2008, provides significant views of our paddle and tennis courts and is an exceptional venue for year-round hospitality. Due to the popularity of nighttime grilling and dining in 2012, we expanded the eating deck adjacent to the pool to accommodate more Lake Club families.

      The Lake Club enjoyed its fifteen minutes of fame in August of 1966 when Hollywood came to town. The Lake Club was transformed into a public pool for the filming of “The Swimmer” starring Burt Lancaster. Burt dove from our rock into the pool on his quest to “swim home across the country”.

      The Lake Club participated in competitive sports in Fairfield County form the beginning. The swim team began just a few weeks after our pool opened in 1959 and within weeks had won their first swim meet against the Wilton Riding Club. Over the years, the Lake Club Tigers swim team won the Division I title 15 times and dominated the league in the 1980’s, winning 11 straight years. The Lake Club was one of the founding members of the Fairfield County Tennis League in 1966. Our club hosts many teams in this league and hosted the New England Men’s 60+ USTA Singles Sectionals from 2002-2003.

      The Lake Club and its Board of Governors continue its commitment to provide its membership with superior swim, paddle and tennis programs, quality staff, family oriented activities and a top notch facility.